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Mexico Guru Online
Hello, People are always asking me, where should I live in Mexico? CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE TEST AND LET THE GURU DECIDE.


What Not to Wear in Mexico

Some tourists seem perversely determined to brand themselves as such, as if disappearing within a crowd were akin to losing their identities.


Water World in Chiapas

If you look at a map of Chiapas, you'll notice that north and east of Tuxtla GutiƩrrez, the state capital, there is a vast area with few cities marked but lots of squiggly blue lines.


Best Surf Spots in Mexico

Crank up the Marley, cruise to the beach. Puerto is just right for chillin' at a no-frills tourist town that refused to go 'resort.'


Buying Land in Mexico

Buying a house or property in Mexico is not for the fainthearted.


Mexican Tiles

While designing and constructing your Mexican dream house, you will encounter different words for tiles. Pisos are floor tiles, azulejos are generally used on walls or in the bath or kitchen, and tejas are roof tiles.


Retiring in Mexico

Living in Mexico brings me back to a simpler lifestyle --- more like when I was young. People are not afraid of each other and will always help you.


A Peaceful Retreat near San Miguel

A refuge from urban life, this one-story home is simultaneously solid, open and serene


The Roosters of San Blas

Unlike millions of folks the world over, I am not sleeping, but pondering the meaning of this fruitless serenade.