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Balankanche Yucatan Travel Guide



The tour costs 50 pesos (about US$5) per person. Don’t forget to tip the guide, who earns no salary but lives on gratuities alone.


Tours are available on the hour 9 to 5, accompanied by a light and sound show. Normally six people are required for a tour, however, if not enough guests show up, the guide will usually take you along and play the tape in the language of your choice (English, Spanish or French). The tour is impressive in any language, however; it’s the caves themselves that are magical.

Morning 9 Español Afternoon 1 English
  10 Francais   2 Español
  11 English   3 English
Noon 12 Español   4 Español


The caves are located 6 km (4 mi) from Chichén Itzá and 1.6 km (1 mi) from the town of Pisté, off Hwy 180, in the state of Yucatan.